Loss Control

Loss Control’s mission is to assist Arizona Counties Insurance Pool Members with reducing risk and creating a healthy and safe environment for Member employees, visitors and citizens.

Arizona Counties Insurance Pool (ACIP) Loss Control works to assist ACIP members to control and prevent worker injuries, property losses and third-party claims, and to create a safe and healthful environment for member employees, visitors and citizens. This effort includes risk analysis, training, and consultative assistance to find effective solutions for causes of loss, reputational risk, and unnecessary hazards and exposures. Specific Loss Control activities include:

  • One-on-one training concerning loss prevention
  • Developing and distributing ACIP Risk Management Bulletins
  • Inspections and reports of findings concerning Member Counties facilities and buildings
  • Assisting in claim reviews and analysis
  • Providing information concerning, and copies of, model policies and procedures
  • Group and individual training concerning Human Resources issues and exposures
  • Scheduling and conducting seminars for specific topics or work disciplines
  • Serving as subject matter experts in absence of Member Counties Risk Management staff
Loss Control